ISOT Challenges

Challenges of ISOT

The ISOT’s monthly Expenses are almost $5000, and of this amount, the monthly mortgage interest is almost $2,000. This is a big burden on the ISOT. The total loan balance that needs to be paid off is $360,000.

Our community grew very fast since the establishment of this Society. The number of Muslim families in this area increased from about 50 to about 300 and the number of students increased from about 20 to150. Our Islamic Studies students are not only from the City of Tracy, they come from all neighboring cities such as Manteca, Lathrop, Modesto, Paterson, and Brentwood. The old rental facility was no longer sufficient for our day- to- day religious activities and did not have the capacity for students and people who were coming for Friday prayer. The ISOT had no other choice but to get this loan to acquire a property for the construction of this masjid.

The respected members of the ISOT as well as other Muslim brothers and sisters from outside of the Tracy area helped us in the construction of the building and parking lot. Now, it is our moral obligation, responsibility, and duty to pay off this loan as soon as we can. The ISOT is in need of your generosity and support in order to pay off the loan and achieve its goals in continuing serving the Muslim community in Tracy and surrounding areas.

Your help is much needed and appreciated. You will receive Allah’s blessings, rewards, and deep down satisfaction by participating and helping such a worthy and genuine cause. May Allah (SWT) accept your donation to this masjid and reward you for your good deeds and bless you in this life and hereafter, where nothing will count except what you have prepared for that day.